Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deploy a server?

We deploy servers within 4 business hours with delays possible in case of a custom server configuration and billing issues.

Can I upgrade my server's hardware?

Yes, you can upgrade both hardware and software of your server. Contact us to proceed with the upgrade.

How do I obtain additional IP addresses?

You can buy additional IP addresses in your control panel at 3 CHF per month each. Please be advised that a reason should be provided if you are willing to buy more than 3 additional IP addresses.

What content is allowed on CoinsHost's servers?

We do not allow malicious software, copyrighted content, unsolicited messaging and other illegal practices on our servers. Please find the full list of banned materials and practices in our TOS.

Can I setup mail accounts on my server?

Yes, you can easily setup mail accounts on your dedicated server with Control Panels that you can order from our company. There is a variety of free mail server software choices as well.

Can I setup hardware of software RAID on my server?

Most of our servers are deployed with hardware RAID. RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5 and RAID-1 + Hot Spare are supported.

What if my server's hardware malfunctions?

CoinsHost guarantees that all server components are working correctly and are properly maintained. In an unlikely event of hardware malfunction it will be replaced at no cost to customer, except for cases when hardware was intentionally misused by a customer. Hardware replacement requests are of top priority and are processed immediately after we get notified about the problem.

What uptime guarantee do you provide?

CoinsHost data center has been built with redundancy in mind. We provide a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee.

If I order a Linux server, will I have root access?

Yes, root access credentials will be provided to you if a Linux OS is selected to be installed on the server.

What is the port speed of my server's network connection?

All servers are connected to network via a 1 Gbit/s port. Upgrade to 10 Gbit/s is available upon request.

What is you bandwidth policy?

Each server has a specific bandwidth cap accordingly to the selected billing plan, normally 15 TB of upload/download IP traffic per month. Additional bandwidth can be easily purchased at any time.

Do you provide KVM/IPMI access to a server?

Yes, KVM/IPMI is provided free of charge with every dedicated server.

What types of DDoS attacks can CoinsHost protect from?

We will automatically detect and defend your servers from all types of web-based DDoS attacks.

What services and protocols can be protected?

Depending on the selected protection plan we will protect your website (HTTP/HTTPS), mail server (POP3/SMTP) and all TCP/UDP ports to protect a game server, service or application that you run on the server.

Can I protect several domains from a DDoS attack?

Yes, you can. If you have a domain-alias that displays the same content under the second domain name, please select 'Standard' protection plan with a number of additional domains that you need to protect. However, if you have two different sites with two different domains, you'll need to order an 'Enterprise' plan to have them covered.

What is content caching and do I need this option?

Content caching can significantly increase your site load speed, as static elements of your pages (images, css etc.) will be transmitted to end users without communication between our system and your server at every end user request. This option is recommended for slow servers. Please also consider CDN to speed up your site load speed.

Do you provide money back in case you are not able to stop an attack?

CoinsHost money back guarantee is 110%. In case of our failure to defend your infrastructure from an attack we will return you 110% of your initial payment. This offer qualifies if Max.Packets/s and Max. Requests/s of the attack do not exceed limitations of your DDoS protection package.

Is free DDoS protection available?

Yes, free DDoS protection is available with Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Colocation orders.

Is there any guarantee for free DDoS protection?

We do not provide SLA mitigation guarantee for free protection plans, however, this highly-effective solution is capable of mitigating against 96% of all attacks registered in Q3 2013.

What is the free DDoS protection solution?

Free (basic) DDoS protection is a L4 transparent firewall & traffic analyser that is capable of cutting out malicious TCP, UDP and ICMP packets. Free DDoS protection is limited to 10 gbit/s and 4 Mpps.

Are there any attack reports issued for customers on free protection plan?

There is no log available for free protection plan, however, you can request live data from our support team at your convenience.

I'm under DDoS protection but someone managed to bring my server down.

DDoS protection system sensitivity lower threshold is 100 kbit/s, some attacks below this rate may pass the filter. Normally, such a small attack would not harm a server, unless it is configured incorrectly or has a software vulnerability. Kindly be advised that software configuration is a customer's sole responsibility.

What is the best way to contact you?

Should you have a general or sales question, please feel free to contact our Live Chat operators that are available 24/7. If you need technical assistance, it is recommended to open a support ticket in your account with all necessary information enclosed.

Do you protect customer privacy?

We stick to a strict Privacy Policy and as a company that resides in Switzerland we are bound by Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection. Please read more about data protection in Switzerland at

What payment methods do you accept?

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Nextcoin (NXT) we accept a wide range of electronic currencies and payment options, including but not limited to: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank Wire, WebMoney and Perfect Money.

What are the shortest and longest billing cycles available?

CoinsHost operates on a prepaid basis with 1 month being a standard billing cycle and shortest billing period available. Should you need to choose a longer billing cycle, an order can be placed for up to a 12 month period.

What is the minimum billing cycle for a VPS order?

Minimum billing cycle for all VPS orders is 12 months.

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