20 Nov

Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High of Over $8,000

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, SegWit2X Read Comments

The month of November has been fairly shaky for digital currencies, hence bringing in high volatility for Bitcoin and other coins. Following the decrease in value to roughly $5,500, bitcoin has quickly managed to regain its value, and even hit a new all-time high, hence surpassing the $8,000 threshold for the first time ever. At the moment of writing, the digital currency is trading at approximately $8,200.

On the 12th of November, the bitcoin price fell to around $5,500 after the SegWit2X hard fork plans were cancelled. The reasons behind this include general lack of consensus, supporters backing out, and bugs in the code. Following the failure of implementing SegWit2x, and splitting the bitcoin network into two separate coins, many of the SegWit believers decided to invest their money into Bitcoin Cash, thus causing a massive value spike for it.

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14 Nov

What are Decentralized Applications?

By Daniel Zo Ethereum, DAO, Dapps Read Comments

At this moment in time, internet users throughout the world do not have full control over the data that they share across all websites. Instead, all of the data shared goes through a middleman that processes it and then sends it to the next interested party.

Decentralized Apps (dapps), built with the help of the Ethereum network are bound to change this in the future. Their sole purpose is to connect providers and the afferent users directly. Another main characteristic associated with dapps is the fact that they often have an open-source API, provide immutability thanks to the blockchain and most do not have a point of failure.

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13 Nov

What’s SegWit2X All About?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, SegWit, SegWit2X, Hard fork Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Bitcoin has gone through a two different hard forks, and the creation of two additional and separate digital currencies – bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold. Now, the deadline is quickly approaching for another hard fork, and this will likely have larger implications for the network.

The plan to introduce SegWit2x has been around since May, and has quickly gained favour with numerous mining pools and bitcoin start-ups. While the number of those supporting the hard fork has changed over the last few months, we’ll attempt to explain what this protocol change wishes to achieve, and the means of doing so.

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09 Nov

Tips to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Digital Currency Portfolio

By Daniel Zo Investing, ICO Read Comments

Judging by the recent price increases for digital currencies, more and more investors are considering the idea of getting their very own digital currency portfolio. However, as easy as it may sound, having a crypto portfolio with a high-yield potential can often be difficult if certain tips aren’t followed, and especially if investors are on a budget.

Therefore, when making digital currency investments, it is often essential to reach a perfect balance in your portfolio, by finding smart ways of diversifying it. In return, this will lead to an increase of the potential yield, while also reducing possible loses, based on market volatility.

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06 Nov

Bitcoin Just Shy of Hitting $7,000 Threshold

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Bitcoin has been on a bullish streak, with prices considerably increasing day after day. At the moment of writing, Bitcoin is just short of hitting the threshold of $7,000 per unit, after reaching $6,900 for the first time ever, and currently trading at $7,359.

The increase in price has also lead to a big increase of the digital currency’s total market cap, which is now situated at $120 bln. Not only this, but the overall market cap of all digital currencies combined is situated at $188 bln.

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01 Nov

Putin Orders Government to Regulate Digital Currencies

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Putin, Russia, ICO Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Russia’s attitude towards Bitcoin and other digital currencies was quite conflicting, yet surely negative for the market. Recent reports indicate that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has just ordered the government to begin drafting up legislation for digital currencies, ICOs and mining.

At this time, there are several reports available on what these laws will do, and what they will restrict.

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30 Oct

What’s the Deal with Bitcoin Gold?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, BTG, BCC, BTC GPU Read Comments

Since its birth, the bitcoin ecosystem has seen numerous debates on the right protocol changes required to continue its success. A couple of months ago, we were all witness to one of the first hard forks, which created an entirely separate digital currency known as Bitcoin Cash (BCC), following a new protocol.

This has happened yet again, as on October 25th 2017, Bitcoin Gold seceded from the bitcoin blockchain, into a new digital currency. The main difference about it is its new proof-of-work algorithm.

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25 Oct

MIT Issues Diplomas Using Blockchain Technology

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, MIT Read Comments

We have often talked about the huge potential of the blockchain network, and how companies and institutions throughout the world are actively researching blockchain technology. Now, it seems like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT, which has issued diplomas to over 200,000 students since its creation, has just started issuing graduate diplomas via a special, blockchain-based app.

The Blockcerts Wallet App, which is the hero of the story, uses blockchain technology in order to grant students access to easily-verifiable, tamper-proof versions of their diplomas, which can be shared with potential employers throughout the world with ease. In a recent press statement, the CEO of Learning Machine, a company involved with the creation of the Blockcerts Wallet app mentioned that: “MIT has issued official records in a format that can exist even if the institution goes away, even if we go away as a vendor (…) People can own and use their official records, which is a fundamental shift.”

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23 Oct

Understanding the Initial Coin Offering Hype

By Daniel Zo ICO Read Comments

In the past, raising money as a start-up required small companies to convince banks, investors and financial institutions to take big risks, by investing large amounts of money into unproven technology and ideals. However, this has changed with the appearance of Initial Coin Offerings, also known as ICOs.

For those who do not know, an ICO represents a crowdfunding event that start-ups and other companies use in order to raise money for their business venture. It is a form of symbiosis between the well-known Kickstarter projects and Initial Public Offerings. Therefore, upon making an investment, people receive tokens that will then increase in value when the company reaches success- therefore, companies are making their shares available to the investing public without having to get listed onto the stock market. However, it is important to point out that these tokens aren’t exactly shares of the company, yet as the start-up in question becomes more profitable, so will these tokens which can be traded on exchanges for real money.

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21 Oct

Understanding Bitcoin Electricity Concerns

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Electricity, Willy Woo Read Comments

Not long ago, Willy Woo, an important bitcoin researcher made a statement where he revealed that the number of bitcoin users throughout the world doubles approximately every year. Additionally, Dutch Bank ING released a paper where they state that bitcoin transactions use so much energy that potentially, the amount of electricity needed to verify a single transaction would be enough to power a house for an entire month.

To put things better into perspective, bitcoin transactions need to use so much energy in order to make verifying trades expensive for those who do it. Because of this aspect, fraudulent transactions that would be confirmed on the blockchain network are much harder to attain, as those who wish to do so, would need to make a large investment in both computing equipment and electricity to be capable of misusing the currency.

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