Will Bitcoin become the official currency of Zimbabwe?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Zimbabwe, Hyperinflation Read Comments

Along the centuries, all of the world’s countries have faced strong economical disasters, debts, inflation and more. As time passed, most of these coins have evolved and became strong currencies, which are now responsible for large transactions on a daily basis.

However, one currency which is in great trouble at this moment in time is the Zimbabwean dollar, which has reached a state of hyperinflation where one US dollar would buy you a total sum of 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars, which yet again proves the fact that the country’s recent economic strategies, politics, and leaders have failed to change the financial system into a better one. As an effort to avoid getting the currency even more inflated, the country’s leaders have decided to put an end to it, as the country is currently doomed with the world’s worst economy.

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