14 Mar

Ukraine‘s Central Bank Hosts Pilot Program for National Cryptocurrency

By Marcus Cryptocurrency, Ukraine Read Comments

The increasing popularity of the digital currency market has encouraged central banks throughout the world to consider developing their own centralized digital currencies. This trend is understandable, granted that governments and traditional financial institutions are interested in keeping their control over the financial system.

Recent reports indicate that Ukraine has ramped up development of its central bank-based digital currency (CBDC). In fact, the country’s central bank has already finalized a pilot scheme for the national cryptocurrency, referred to as the e-hryvnia.

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20 Sep

Ukrainian Parliament Bill to Introduce Crypto Profit Taxing

By Daniel Zo Ukraine, Cryptocurrency, Tax Read Comments

Despite the fluctuating crypto price drops present during the last few months, governments are still interested in regulating and profiting off the digital currency revolution.

With this in mind, recent reports indicate that the Ukrainian Parliament is interested in imposing a tax on digital currency-related profits of its citizens. To put things better into perspective, the country’s legislative body has proposed a bill that would impose a 5% tax on all crypto profits attained by both commercial entities and individuals.

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11 Jul

Ukraine To Adopt And Implement Blockchain Technology Under Current Minster Of Finance

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain, Fintech, Ukraine Read Comments

While there are countries which are actively trying to limit the usage of bitcoin, other nations such as Ukraine are looking for innovative ways to use bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, to encourage progress.

With this in mind, recent reports indicate that Ukraine’s Minister of Finance, Oleksandr Danilyuk, who spoke for the Blockchain Incredible Party Conference on Thursday, shared his vision on Ukraine becoming a leading nation in terms of blockchain technology use. Danilyuk explained that it would do a great job in public service management, while also improving the overall efficiency and transparency of the government.

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02 Sep

Bitcoin may soon be legalized in Ukraine

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Ukraine, BFU, Blockchain Read Comments

Ever since the civil war started and Russia invaded Crimea, Ukraine has been in a constant crisis, which reshaped the country, the government and its laws, while also greatly changing the region and slowly transforming it into a different land.

So far, there have been few countries affected by economical disasters, which begun looking into the possibility of adopting Bitcoin. Some examples include Greece and Zimbabwe, but it’s like that Ukraine might join the ship as well. According to the latest reports, it looks like Ukraine may soon legalize Bitcoin and look for ways to promote the digital currency in the region. With this in mind, the National Bank of Ukraine, also known as the NBU is looking into the possibilities of implementing the bitcoin technology into the country’s financial system.

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