07 Oct

United Nations Food Programme Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain and Identity Management Purposes

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, WFP, Africa, UN, Read Comments

The potential of blockchain technology for supply chain purposes has often been praised by experts throughout the world. Now, recent reports indicate that the United Nations World Food Programme, commonly known as the WFP, will begin blockchain-based supply chain management testing in Africa.

With this in mind, the WFP has tested out a similar system for refugee aid purposes in the Middle East. With the project’s newest implementation, blockchain technology will be used to track food delivery in the east African region. More exactly, the blockchain network will track food shipments arriving in Djibouti, on their way to Ethiopia, where the UN’s main food operation camp is located.

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24 Apr

Samsung Working on All-Inclusive Blockchain Supply Chain Platform

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Samsung Read Comments

Samsung is commonly known as one of the world’s biggest smartphone and TV producers, yet this aspect doesn’t stop the South Korean giant from actively looking into blockchain technology, and how they can leverage it both for its inner operations and customer base.

With this in mind, recent reports indicate that Samsung is working on a distributed ledger platform, which would help it better keep track and process its global shipments, worth tens of billions of dollars on a yearly basis. According to Samsung’s informational, technology and logistical arm, Samsung SDS Co., the blockchain-based system may cut shipping costs by more than 20%.

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14 Oct

How India Will Ensure The Next Bitcoin Price Increase

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, India, UnoCoin, ZebPay Read Comments

While bitcoin is present throughout the world, the Asian sphere has always been in advantage, thanks to regions such as China, where bitcoin mining, trading and use has become a routine for some people. However, another country may soon rank up and start playing an important role in the future of digital currency.

With this in mind, various economic analysts believe that India may be the main source of bitcoin’s next rally. During the last couple of days, the price has seen a clear increase, especially after UnoCoin launched in India. While China still is the dominant force behind the success that bitcoin has had in Asia, India’s influence may just help the digital currency hit new heights, especially if adopted by the country’s, highly unbanked population. Reports indicate that more than half of India’s population is unbanked, thus placing the region a couple of hundred years ago, in terms of the quality and presence of financial services. This represents one of the main reasons why bitcoin and other digital currencies have such a high potential in the region, if promoted accordingly.

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03 Oct

Unocoin Raises $1.5 Million From Investors To Facilitate Bitcoin Adoption In India

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Unocoin, India Read Comments

A new investment record has recently been set, after the Bangalore-based Bitcoin firm known by the name of Unocoin, has managed to raise a total of $1.5 million in their first pre Series-A investment round, which is a record for all digital currency-related investment rounds in India and its surroundings until now.

There are however, some controversies regarding this project. As the founder wants to find a way to scale bitcoin to the masses and facilitate adoption throughout India, many believe that this isn’t an achievable goal, considering the fact that over 50% of India’s population is currently unbanked.

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19 Sep

Experts Believe That The Anti-money Laundering Europol Task Force Will Help Shape Bitcoin’s Popularity

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Europol, Money laundering Read Comments

Amidst growing fear of Bitcoin and other digital currencies being used for illegal purposes, such as money laundering, the Europol has recently set up a group meant to combat the process with the help of bitcoin.

According to recent reports, the launch of the Bitcoin money laundering division by the Europol, as a result of their partnership with the INTERPOL and the Basel Institute of Governance, may actually prove beneficial for the industry.

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28 Jul

Miami Judge Rules that Bitcoin is not Money in Money Laundering Case

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, USA, Money laundering Read Comments

According to recent reports, a Miami-based judge just ruled that Bitcoin is not actually money, a decision not taken lightly by digital currency fans from all around the world.

The case in question refers to a web designer known by the name of Michell Espinoza, who reportedly laundered and illegally transmitted around $1,500 worth of Bitcoin. Reports indicate that the funds were then sold to undercover detectives who told the web designer that they were to be used to purchase stolen credit card numbers from the internet.

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19 Dec

The Bitcoin Foundation is close to dying out

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Bitcoin Foundation, Olivier Janssens, BitLicense Read Comments

A while ago, Bitcoin fans from all around the world looked up to the Bitcoin Foundation, due to their positive influence on the market. However, things changed as time passed, and now, it looks like the Foundation might be close to dying out.

According to Olivier Janssens, one of the latest additions to the Foundation’s board, he was removed from the board by force, after the latest board meeting, when he proposed a couple of measures that would encourage an increase in the Foundation’s income in the long term. His tenure ended after members voted for him to be removed, following his motion meant to encourage the Foundation to come up with a business plan, prior to engaging into yet another funding process.

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17 Nov

The Bitcoin Foundation refuses US Agency partnership

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, NSA, TSA, USA, Bitcoin Foundation, Bruce Fenton Read Comments

The Bitcoin Foundation, represents an interesting, American, non-profit organization that has been formed in order to promote the use of bitcoin in areas from all around the world, but also to come up with solutions meant improve the currency, and its future.

Recent reports indicate that not long ago, the Bitcoin Foundation has announced that the organization refuses to join a strategic partnership with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Immigration Department.

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05 Oct

How Bitcoin is different from cashless services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Blockchain Read Comments

As time passes, we seem to be getting closer to the hypothesis of a society without physical money. How is this so? Well, leaving aside the appearance of innovative platforms which will likely make cash obsolete in the near future, research has also shown that there is only a total of 8% of physical cash represented in our world, which means that the trillions of dollars that people from all around the world use are rather digital number, or simply digits, as we like to call them.

While you can most probably pay for almost everything with the help of cash at this moment in time, you can also go days at a time, without using it, thus showing how the system is slowly changing. As cashless transactions are growing, banks and other financial institutions wish to encourage this trend, as it’ll allow them to save money, while also giving people a more efficient way of making transactions. To help make the principle of a cashless world a reality, there are services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and more, which are gradually popping up on websites all around the world.

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20 Jul

Apple Pay overcharges users, whereas Bitcoin would offer a strong alternative for London Underground

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Appple Pay, London, Underground Read Comments

Since it has been announced, Apple Pay has been considered a huge competitor to Bitcoin, mostly because of the fact that it promised to make paying for all kind of goods and services much easier, thus eliminating the need to carry cash with you at all times.

However, as it is being introduced in more and more areas from around the world, it appears as the system is not ready yet, as it has been encountering quite a lot of problems. With this in mind, since Apple Pay has launched in the United Kingdom, many people have been reporting overcharging. This issue has been reported a lot when using Apple Pay to purchase subway tickets at London Underground. Based on this, using Apple Pay puts users at risk for actually being overcharged for their journey, which is definitely not a pleasant aspect of using the app.

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