07 Nov

The Swiss Government is Drafting Fintech Regulation

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Fintech, Switzerland Read Comments

Not long ago, the Swiss rail operator has announced that their customers will now be able to purchase bitcoin via the ticket machines present in all stations. This was great news for the digital currency ecosystem, but it also looks like it started something in Switzerland.

With this in mind, around a week after the SBB announcement, the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, also known as the FDF has outlined its plan to go ahead and find ways of regulating the bitcoin network, and introducing actual legislation in 2017.

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31 Oct

Switzerland’s National Rail Service to Allow Customers to Purchase Bitcoin from Their Ticket Machines

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Switzerland Read Comments

Surprisingly, until now, Switzerland hasn’t had an important role in the evolution of digital currencies. Yet, this is about to change, considering the fact that Switzerland’s National Rail Service, also known as the SBB, is planning to begin selling bitcoin at all of their stations starting from the 11th of November.

To put things better into perspective, SBB customers will be able to treat their Swiss francs in exchange for bitcoin, using a system implemented into the ticket machines. Unfortunately, users will not be able to purchase tickets using the digital currency. This may be blamed on volatility and restrictions still surrounding bitcoin, yet, it may change in the next couple of years.

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07 Jun

The world’s first Bitcoin bank to appear in Switzerland?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Bank, Switzerland Read Comments

We have covered the idea of a Bitcoin bank appearing in the past, while also talking about the possible benefits and cons of such an institution. While there are some companies which are offering bank-like services, there’s no actual Bitcoin bank opened anywhere in the world at this moment in time.

Well, various news reports point towards the fact that the first Bitcoin bank may be on its way over in Switzerland. Chances are that the country of choice may not be surprising at all, considering the fact that Switzerland is home to many of the world’s most popular banks. Together with this, the country is also popular for the neutrality of the government when it comes down to keep an eye on the privacy of the depositors in the local banks. Additionally, the banking system in this region is also famous for being one of the most stable in the world, which is exactly why a Bitcoin bank should choose to put its headquarters right here.

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