How are shady areas responsible for the evolution of Bitcoin?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Silkroad Read Comments

Bitcoin is nothing less than a giant on the economy at this moment in time, as the average value of all bitcoins that have been mined so far put together is of over $3 billion. While the cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and more businesses have started accepting and issuing payments with the currency, many people from all around the world wonder what it took to make the coin become eminent.

To put things better into perspective, back in 2010, when people first started selling things for bitcoins, a pizza would cost around 10,000 coins. In today’s value, a $2.3 million pizza is out of the question. The currency then evolved to its value of around $1000 around a year ago, only to fall to around $250 and stay there. So, what is truly responsible for the massive value increase of the cryptocurrency?

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