04 Nov

Two major ransomware operations stopped by Dutch authorities

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Scams, Ransomware Read Comments

It’s widely known that the Bitcoin technology is quite dangerous when used by criminals, as it offers them a way of offering and accepting payments, while making it difficult to be tracked by the police.

Well, according to the latest reports, it seems like two popular ransomware strains known by the names of CoinVault and BitCryptor have been eliminated thanks to a joint effort carried out by law enforcement in the Netherlands alongside with an independent firm that deals with cybersecurity.

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12 Mar

How the Absence of Bitcoin Regulation is Promoting the Principle of Reputation Assessment on the Market

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Reputation, Scams, EBA Read Comments

An important issue which is present on the Bitcoin market at this moment is the lack of regulation which in turn promotes reputation assessment. In order to get a better grip on this concept, it is worth pointing out that because there are no laws surrounding the cryptocurrency, many people from all around have decided to use it as a way to scam people and promote illegal activities.

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09 Sep

Risky Bitcoin Dealings and How to Avoid Them

By Jumpy Bitcoin, Escrow, Scams Read Comments

Bitcoin is an amazing tool both for executing new types of commerce that were, various reasons, impossible before or completing the existing types of transactions in a superior fashion. Bitcoin affords flexibility, security, and anonymity and is powerful in the hands of users with the proper understanding of how it works and how to use it.
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16 Jul

A guide to identifying and avoiding Bitcoin scams

By Zachary Gruskin Bitcoin, Scams, Escrow, Paper wallet, Security Read Comments

Criminal activity has become a pandemic in the Bitcoin world. Ever since Bitcoin's explosive price rise criminals have been targeting Bitcoin users. Dozens of new Bitcoin related scams are reported each day, and often the criminals are never caught since it's possible to stay anonymous on the internet with the right expertise. There are a multitude of different Bitcoin scams, and it is important to understand them to keep your money safe. This article will discuss how to identify and avoid Bitcoin scams.

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