29 Oct

Is the Majority of the Cryptocurrency Market Centralised? A Research Study Thinks So!

By Daniel Zo SEC, Fiat, ICO, Ethereum, Ripple, CryptoCompare Read Comments

One of the biggest advantages that cryptocurrencies have over their fiat counterparts is the decentralized status, which provides higher security, reduces attack risks, and ensures that coins are not controlled by a central entity. Despite this aspect, recent research has concluded that the majority of digital assets available on the market are centralized.

To put things better into perspective, CryptoCompare, which is a market data aggregator, has recently published a digital asset analysis for over 200 coins. The authors analysed the digital assets from a variety of different perspectives, and using more than 30 attributes. When doing the analysis, researchers considered the supply concentration, distribution, market cap, governance, volume data, regulatory classification, and decentralized status of the coins.

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09 Jan

Spectre and Meltdown Security Vulnerabilities Update

By Marcus Spectre, Meltdown, Security Read Comments

If you've been following the recent news, you might have heard about two major security vulnerabilities that had been revealed to general public on the first days of 2018. Spectre and Meltdown are possibly the biggest vulnerabilities ever discovered that affect billions of devices with modern CPUs with speculative execution on board.

Even though these severe vulnerabilities are determined by CPU logic design flaws, they still can be mitigated by software patches that make its exploitation impossible. CoinsHOST have installed and tested all the latest patches and fixes available for every piece of hardware on our network that may be affected by Spectre and Meltdown, including Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Server infrastructure and hypervisors. If you rent a VPS or Cloud server with our company, your data is absolutely secure and no action is required on your side.


Dedicated Server Owners Attention Needed

Please be advised that you still need to update your dedicated servers' operating systems on your own, as long as our engineers do not have access to your bare metal servers. If you experience any issues while updating your server's operating system, please contact our dedicated support team for assistance. 

Your personal devices, such as phones, laptops and even TV boxes can also be affected by these vulnerabilities and may require software update to the latest OS build available.

Stay safe and secure!

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17 Mar

Why The Bitcoin ETF Project Failed

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, ETF, USA, SEC Read Comments

If you’ve been following recent digital currency news, then chances are that you already know that the Winklevoss-backed ETF Bitcoin securities project was blocked by the US corporate regulator, known by the name of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is quite understandable, considering the fact that economic analysts did mention that the chances for approval were fairly low, but thoroughly understanding the reasons is essential to make sure that the project doesn’t fail next time. To put things better into context, the following question should be asked: would you be tempted to invest into an asset that may be illegal now, or sometime in the future?

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21 Feb

What are Bitcoin ETFs and their Possible Influence on the Market

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, ETF, SEC Read Comments

During the last couple of months, there have been numerous discussions about the upcoming Bitcoin ETFs and their potential to increase the popularity, use, trading activity and price of the digital currency.

For those who do not know, ETF represents an abbreviation that stands for exchange traded funds, which are basically market securities, tacked on an index, such as bonds, commodities and index funds. The main difference between ETFs and other exchange-traded assets consists in the fact that the prices of ETFs constantly changes throughout the day, just like bitcoin’s, based on the trading activity. Not only this, but ETFs also generally offer better daily liquidity alongside with lower fees for mutual funds shares, hence why they are a very attractive alternative for investors from all around the world.

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26 Apr

$2.8 Million Recently Invested in Two Asian Bitcoin Projects

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Coinsecure, Bitmain, BitKan, BTCChina, China, India Read Comments

During the last couple of days, two massive investments took place on the bitcoin market, thus once again proving the fact that the cryptocurrency has the potential of facilitating huge fintech projects.

To put things better into perspective, the bitcoin trading platform known by the name of Coinsecure has managed to raise over $1.2 million from the help of a group of undisclosed angel investors from India.

According to the company, the funds will be used to help expand the company’s reach in both the domestic and international markets, while also strengthening the engineering and marketing teams, increasing the number of banking partners and developing an app that will be launched by the end of this month. Together with this, the funds will also be used to introduce a couple of more Ethereum and Blockchain innovations that will help shape the market.

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02 Dec

Russian Government threatens Bitcoin ban throughout the country

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Russia, ESET, Read Comments

So far, Russia is one of the most anti-bitcoin countries, considering the fact that they have extensive legislation in place, meant to discourage the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Recent reports indicate that the Russian government is now threatening to ban bitcoin, considering the fact that a total of 6.9% of Russians are using the digital currency. The numbers come from a recent survey, carried out by a Slovakian Internet security company, known by the name of ESET.

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16 Jul

A guide to identifying and avoiding Bitcoin scams

By Zachary Gruskin Bitcoin, Scams, Escrow, Paper wallet, Security Read Comments

Criminal activity has become a pandemic in the Bitcoin world. Ever since Bitcoin's explosive price rise criminals have been targeting Bitcoin users. Dozens of new Bitcoin related scams are reported each day, and often the criminals are never caught since it's possible to stay anonymous on the internet with the right expertise. There are a multitude of different Bitcoin scams, and it is important to understand them to keep your money safe. This article will discuss how to identify and avoid Bitcoin scams.

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