01 Nov

Putin Orders Government to Regulate Digital Currencies

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Putin, Russia, ICO Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Russia’s attitude towards Bitcoin and other digital currencies was quite conflicting, yet surely negative for the market. Recent reports indicate that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has just ordered the government to begin drafting up legislation for digital currencies, ICOs and mining.

At this time, there are several reports available on what these laws will do, and what they will restrict.

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11 May

CoinFac Announces Next Generation Quantum Computers for Bitcoin Mining

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Mining, CoinFac, Palantir, Quantum Computing Read Comments

As time passes, bitcoin mining becomes significantly harder due to the way that bitcoin is built. In fact, the profitability of the business has the risk of decreasing substantially in case bitcoin’s worth does not increase once the halving process occurs this summer.

This is one of the main reasons why a company known by the name of CoinFac has recently announced their offer of next generation quantum computing mining technology that will reportedly increase the speed of miners by up to 4,000 times.

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16 Jul

Russian President Vladimir Putin openly discusses Bitcoin and its legality in Russia

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Putin Read Comments

Not long ago, we have discussed about some of the countries that have banned digital currencies like Bitcoin, and Russia was among the list. Regardless of the fact that Bitcoin trading is sprouting there, the law says that any currency other than the country’s traditional one and the internationally accepted ones are illegal within the borders of Russia.

However, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has just made his first remarks on digital currencies. He went ahead and told the nation that while the digital currency technology may be difficult to adopt, it cannot be dismissed completely. Apart from praising Russia’s national bank for banning digital currencies immediately, Putin has outlined a couple of issues that Bitcoin has, including the idea that it is backed by nothing. While this is true, Bitcoin has proven itself to be influenced by certain international events, but to be a stable currency overall, which is great news!

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