16 May

Satoshi Nakamoto Suspect is Raising Money for a Blockchain, Bitcoin-based Startup

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain, Nick Szabo, DigiCash, Ethereum Read Comments

While the true identity of bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, remains a mystery, it seems like one of the early pioneers of the digital currency, who is one of the few people suspected to be Satoshi in the past, is raising money to start a financial company based on bitcoin.

According to recent reports, it seems like Nick Szabo, who also put in quite a lot of work on an early bitcoin prototype known by the name of DigiCash, wants to raise a total of $3 million for his new business.

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17 May

Has the creator of Bitcoin been unmasked?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, Bit Gold Read Comments

Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as the creator of Bitcoin is one of the most prominent figures on the Bitcoin market, but also the most mysterious, mostly due to the fact that no one knows who he really is.

Since Bitcoin became mainstream, the search for Nakamoto’s identity has lasted years, with hundreds of different theories being considered. During this time, even people not involved with cryptocurrencies at all have tried to solve the mystery and find out who this man really is. What we know at this moment in time, is that someone who had been using the name Satoshi Nakamoto has released the Bitcoin software back in 2009 and has communicated with different people via mail, but never in person, or by phone. A few years later, in 2011, just as the technology began catching momentum, the man mysteriously disappeared, as all emails had stopped.

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