28 Jun

Kraken purchases CleverCoin, thus consolidating its place as the top exchange in Europe

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Kraken, CleverCoin Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Kraken has managed to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, with tens of thousands of people exchanging bitcoin and other currencies on a daily basis.

According to recent reports, Kraken has just acquired the Dutch Bitcoin exchange known by the name of CleverCoin. This move will allow the company to further consolidate its place in Europe, with CleverCoin being the third exchange to be wholly swallowed by Kraken this year, after Coinsetter and Cavirtex which were both acquired less than six months ago.

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26 May

Kraken Will Help Settle The Verified Mt. Gox Bitcoin Claims

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, Kraken, Karpeles, Japan Read Comments

The crash of the Japanese Bitcoin exchange, Mt Gox, was probably one of the worst events to happen in bitcoin history to date. In fact, right afterwards, the digital currency proved its incredibly volatile nature by dropping in value significantly.

Well, the people affected by the hack may have something to look forward to in the next couple of days, considering the fact that some of the investors will be receiving a part of their bitcoin investment back. With this in mind, an announcement made by the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange showcases that the verification process being carried out for over 25,750 claims has been completed.

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02 Feb

Bitcoin exchange Kraken secures million dollar deal with SBI Investments

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Kraken, Fintech Read Comments

Less than two weeks ago, Bitcoin exchange Kraken announced the purchase of U.S. Coinsetter and the Canadian CaVirtex exchanges, in what may just be, one of the biggest acquisitions in the bitcoin sector.

Prior to this purchase, Kraken focused on their European market, where they traded around 5000-7000 bitcoin per day. Now, that the companies have all integrated into a single one, the traded amounts have increased considerably.

Well, recent reports indicate that a new deal has been made. With this in mid, Kraken, the global bitcoin exchange has managed to secure a multi-million dollar agreement with the folks behind SBI investment, which is the venture capital arm of the SBI Holdings department. For those who do not know, this represents the world’s first web-based financial conglomerate, uniting financial firms from all around the world. The company has also reported that they have an operating revenue of around $2bn, thus placing them in the same list with some of the top world’s companies.

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