12 Apr

Why Bitcoin Investments Shouldn’t Be Rejected

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Investment Read Comments

If you’ve been following the recent news from the digital currency industry, then chances are that you’ve heard once the Securities Exchange Commission SEC decided to reject the Winklevoss-backed Bitcoin ETF project, which would’ve made bitcoin-based investments easier and more accessible to people throughout the world. The SEC is reportedly mostly concerned about the fraud potential that bitcoin poses, alongside with its high volatility and possibilities of price manipulation, which are due to the continuous lack of regulation, and reportedly, transparency, although this isn’t really the case.

Because of this, a possible channel of bitcoin investments remains unopened, but those who are interested can still invest in the digital currency through the numerous bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin investment trusts. However, is there an attractiveness to bitcoin investments? We’ll attempt to tackle some of the most compelling reasons on why you may want to invest some of your capital in digital currencies.

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05 Apr

Gold vs. Bitcoin: the Better Long-term Investment

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Gold, Investment Read Comments

Long before Bitcoin reached the price of gold, the two commodities have been compared, and analysed side by side, in order to determine which would make a better long-term investment for anyone with enough capital to risk.

As the two commodities are currently situated at approximately the same price, determining the right choice is an interesting mind exercise. If we were to put aside bitcoin’s well-known scalability debate, alongside with its volatility, which would make up a better choice in the long run? There are clearly advantages and disadvantages to both, as while bitcoin is the newer, and more utile choice, especially since we’re living in the digital era, gold on the other side of the spectrum, has, what can be named, an indisputable track record, and has been used as a means of measuring value by humans for thousands of years.

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06 Dec

Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin Right Now

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Investment Read Comments

During the last couple of months, bitcoin has managed to become a more viable investment option, with people from all around the world referring to it as digital gold, due to its increasing value and popularity.

Regardless of this, some investors are still wary about the idea of investing in the digital currency, due to the controversies surrounding it and its price volatility. Well, to kick things off, it is important to mention the fact that during the last five years, bitcoin's value has increased with around 25,000%, which means that if you would have bought the digital currency in the past, you may have been able to earn 250 times more than your initial investment today.

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17 Mar

The disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Investment Read Comments

In a past article, we covered some of the main reasons why investing in bitcoin, the emerging digital currency that has shaken up the financial world, would bring you a nice profit.

While investing in bitcoin seems like it comes along with tons of various benefits, there are also particular risks worth looking out for prior to making the decision of betting your money on the digital currency. Without further ado, here are five reasons why you might want to reconsider the currency.

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15 Mar

Five reasons to invest in Bitcoin right now

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Investment Read Comments

With bitcoin becoming more and more popular, and expected to reach new heights by the end of 2016, one question in the mind of investors from all around the world is whether investing in the digital currency is worth it.

During the last couple of months, the digital currency has seen an interesting evolution, as it has managed to grow from roughly $200/coin to an average of $420. The last year has also been proven to be extremely profitable for those involved with the digital currency, and reports indicate that over $314 million US dollars were poured into bitcoin-related investments.

To help better put things into perspective, we have come up with a couple of reasons explaining why investing in bitcoin is such a good idea. We have also decided to leave out some of the obvious reasons such as the coin’s anonymity, transparency and decentralized state.

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05 Apr

What Influence Will the Fall of the U.S Economy Have Over Bitcoin?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Turmoil, Investment, USA Read Comments

President Obama announced that the U.S. economy has had a leap in the last couple of months, but we all know that economies can face meltdowns when it is least expected. One thing is for sure though- if this happens, the value of one Bitcoin will leap up so much that getting back it down could turn out to be an impossible task.

In order to answer this question well, we first have to understand what the fall of an economy represents. While many consider that the value of the affected currency will drop, things are a bit more complicated. If you look back at 2008, anyone can easily take note of the fact that hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost, many couldn’t afford to eat, pay their bills and rent, thus losing their homes. An abrupt fall in the value of a currency will also lead to different problems, such as decreased trading and lower stock prices, which can then cause various businesses to become bankrupt and the world’s economy to take a hard hit all over again.

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