30 Oct

What’s the Deal with Bitcoin Gold?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, BTG, BCC, BTC GPU Read Comments

Since its birth, the bitcoin ecosystem has seen numerous debates on the right protocol changes required to continue its success. A couple of months ago, we were all witness to one of the first hard forks, which created an entirely separate digital currency known as Bitcoin Cash (BCC), following a new protocol.

This has happened yet again, as on October 25th 2017, Bitcoin Gold seceded from the bitcoin blockchain, into a new digital currency. The main difference about it is its new proof-of-work algorithm.

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17 Jul

Goldman Sachs Believes that Bitcoin Could Get Close to $4,000 in the Near Future

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs Read Comments

The last year has brought bitcoin an interesting evolution, considering the fact that the price has tripled in a couple of months, and has reached the sum of $3,000 not long ago. This massive growth has brought about massive amounts of speculation on the market, with economic analysts from all around the world thinking that the increasing price is simply a bubble that will break soon enough.

It seems like the chief technician behind Goldman Sachs’ shares the same idea in this case, yet with a little twist. With this factor in mind, Sheba Jafari, in a recent report stated that in the near future, the price will likely break and decrease for a while, only to then proceed to climb even higher, possibly hitting the sum of $4,000 per unit of currency.

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05 Apr

Gold vs. Bitcoin: the Better Long-term Investment

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Gold, Investment Read Comments

Long before Bitcoin reached the price of gold, the two commodities have been compared, and analysed side by side, in order to determine which would make a better long-term investment for anyone with enough capital to risk.

As the two commodities are currently situated at approximately the same price, determining the right choice is an interesting mind exercise. If we were to put aside bitcoin’s well-known scalability debate, alongside with its volatility, which would make up a better choice in the long run? There are clearly advantages and disadvantages to both, as while bitcoin is the newer, and more utile choice, especially since we’re living in the digital era, gold on the other side of the spectrum, has, what can be named, an indisputable track record, and has been used as a means of measuring value by humans for thousands of years.

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21 Sep

Goldman Sachs Files Blockchain Patent, While Putting The Technology Into Practice Is Becoming Difficult For Banks

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Banks, Goldman Sachs Read Comments

The blockchain hype has now been going on for several months, and numerous advancements have been noticed. According to recent reports, Goldman Sachs has just submitted a patent application that focuses on the idea that blockchain technology can be used to cut out the middle man, and change the current financial processes.

The patent, known by the name of “Systems and Methods for Updating a Distributed Ledger-Based on Partial Validations of Transactions” was initially published on the 8th of September, and filed back in March 2015. This means that it is the financial giant’s first blockchain-based patent so far.

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17 May

Has the creator of Bitcoin been unmasked?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, Bit Gold Read Comments

Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as the creator of Bitcoin is one of the most prominent figures on the Bitcoin market, but also the most mysterious, mostly due to the fact that no one knows who he really is.

Since Bitcoin became mainstream, the search for Nakamoto’s identity has lasted years, with hundreds of different theories being considered. During this time, even people not involved with cryptocurrencies at all have tried to solve the mystery and find out who this man really is. What we know at this moment in time, is that someone who had been using the name Satoshi Nakamoto has released the Bitcoin software back in 2009 and has communicated with different people via mail, but never in person, or by phone. A few years later, in 2011, just as the technology began catching momentum, the man mysteriously disappeared, as all emails had stopped.

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