13 Nov

What’s SegWit2X All About?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, SegWit, SegWit2X, Hard fork Read Comments

During the last couple of months, Bitcoin has gone through a two different hard forks, and the creation of two additional and separate digital currencies – bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold. Now, the deadline is quickly approaching for another hard fork, and this will likely have larger implications for the network.

The plan to introduce SegWit2x has been around since May, and has quickly gained favour with numerous mining pools and bitcoin start-ups. While the number of those supporting the hard fork has changed over the last few months, we’ll attempt to explain what this protocol change wishes to achieve, and the means of doing so.

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08 Aug

Understanding the Bitcoin network fork: BTC and BCC

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Fork, Segwit, BTC, BCC, Bitcoin Cash Read Comments

We have often covered the controversies surrounding block size debate, a possible fork on the bitcoin network, and the inability of miners to reach clear consensus in the past. On August 1st, due to the fact that consensus was not reached throughout the network, a hard fork took place, thus separating the bitcoin network as we know it, into two separate versions: Bitcoin Cash and BTC.

To put things better into perspective, until the 1st of August this year, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash were the same, operating on the very same network as well. The event broke these two digital currencies into 2 separate ledgers, and due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are represented by their own ledger, users woke up to having double the amount: once in BTC and once in BCC.

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22 Jul

Ethereum Network Carries Out Hard Fork To Get Back The Stolen DAO Funds

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAO, Hard fork Read Comments

While the Bitcoin community has been debating whether to issue a hard fork for a while now, to reduce the blocksize, the Ethereum network has taken the step forward and carried out the long-debated and anticipated fork on the blockchain.

A couple of hours ago, the China-based Ethereum miner known by the name of managed to mine the 192,000th block on the Ethereum blockchain. Just a few seconds afterwards, the mining pool also mined the first block on the new version of the blockchain, thus returning the funds that were lost during the collapse of The DAO project.

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