10 May

10 New Bitcoin Exchanges are Planning to Enter the Japanese Market

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Japan, Exchange Read Comments

apan’s relationship with Bitcoin has been going on for longer than we can remember, yet it was only one month ago, when the Japanese Government stated that they would begin recognizing Bitcoin as a legal payment method, on the 1st of April, 2017.

This has led to an increase in the value of the bitcoin price, alongside with more interest in the Japanese bitcoin market, by companies operating throughout the Nippon country. With this in mind, recent reports indicate that over 10 Japanese companies are currently planning, or launching their very own bitcoin and digital currency exchanges. This would help cover the continuously growing demand for the digital currency, while also making trading a bit cheaper in the country, which is great news for the Japanese Bitcoin community.

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23 Sep

Gemini Introduces Feature Meant To Discover The Best Daily Price For Bitcoin

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Exchange, Gemini Read Comments

Since people first started trading bitcoin a couple of years ago, its price has always depended on a couple of aspects, such as trading volume, popularity, rate of adoption, press news, developments and so on.

According to recent reports, Gemini, one of the world’s biggest bitcoin exchanges has recently announced that it will launch a daily auction feature, meant to determine the trading price of the digital currency. To put things better into perspective, as it often is quite hard to settle on a price each day, the Gemini exchange now wants to allow users to set the price themselves, and hence find the true price of bitcoin every day.

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