02 May

European Parliament Votes for Stricter Regulation for Cryptocurrency Market

By Daniel Zo EU, EP, Cryptocurrency, Regulation Read Comments

During the last couple of months, the European Parliament (EP) and Commission (EC) have been actively involved in discussion of appropriate regulation for the digital currency market. Now, recent reports indicate that the EP has voted for a stricter array of regulations for the crypto market.

With this in mind, once the legislation is applied at the European Union level, crypto exchanges alongside wallet providers will be required to introduce specific due diligence procedures for their customers. In other words, wallets and exchanges may soon have to begin verifying user identity. Additionally, the measures also point out that crypto wallets and exchanges will need to register before being allowed to offer their service.

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12 Mar

How the Absence of Bitcoin Regulation is Promoting the Principle of Reputation Assessment on the Market

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Reputation, Scams, EBA Read Comments

An important issue which is present on the Bitcoin market at this moment is the lack of regulation which in turn promotes reputation assessment. In order to get a better grip on this concept, it is worth pointing out that because there are no laws surrounding the cryptocurrency, many people from all around have decided to use it as a way to scam people and promote illegal activities.

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