30 Mar

New DDoS Protection Service Makes Servers Harder to Attack by Turning Them Into Moving Targets

By Daniel Zo DDoS protection, DDoS, MOTAG Read Comments

During the last couple of years, Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) have gotten a lot more popular, due to the fact that they’re cheap and easy to carry out, and they basically require no effort whatsoever once a stable script is put into place.

For those who do not know, DDoS attacks take advantage of one of the biggest vulnerabilities of serves- the fact that they can only handle a set amount of connections or traffic at the same time. Based on this, they basically flood server with requests, which in turn, either slows or takes sites down completely.

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16 Apr

Mitigating against attacks up to 200 Gbps

By Marcus DDoS protection, 200 Gbps Read Comments

CoinsHost team is glad to announce that we have installed and tested the new DDoS migitation solution capable of handling attacks that scale up to 200 Gbps. In fact attacks of this size still are a very rare occurence (less than 0.5% of all attacks according to our statistics), whereas an average attack size and duration keep growing on a monthy basis. Be sure that when your websites or servers are hosted with CoinsHost, we will be able to mitigate against any attack that targets your web properties or infrastructure, no matter how big the size of attack actually is.

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