27 Feb

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor, Accused of Swindling $5 Billion in Crypto

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Craig Wright, Kleiman Read Comments

Craig Wright is perhaps one of the most well-known names in the digital currency industry, especially since he has proclaimed himself as the inventor of bitcoin. While Wright has never managed to prove that he is in fact Satoshi Nakamoto, he has recently come under fire, as he is being accused of swindling $5 billion worth of digital currency alongside other assets from the estate of a computer security professional.

To put things better into perspective, Craig Wright allegedly used phony contracts and signatures, to lay claim to bitcoin that had been mined by Dave Kleiman, one of Wright’s colleagues, who unfortunately died back in 2013.

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03 May

Are Craig Wright’s claims true? Is he the inventor of Bitcoin?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Craig Wright Read Comments

In the last couple of years, one of most controversial mysteries of the financial world was a man known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, the person responsible with the creation of Bitcoin.

Ever since Bitcoin began catching wings and developing as a means of sending money to people from all around the world, its creator supposedly vanished. Since that happened, numerous members of the community have been trying their best to elucidate the mystery behind Bitcoin’s creator. So far, the blame has been put on several persons, but none seemed to fit all the requirements, therefore no one has been officially confirmed as Satoshi Nakamoto. Until now.

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13 Apr

How to convince the Bitcoin community that you are Satoshi Nakamoto

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright Read Comments

Since Bitcoin was created, there have been numerous questions referring to who its creator really is. Popularly named as Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious man has disappeared in the last couple of years, after leaving Gavin Andersen in his place.

Four months ago, the Internet blew up with news saying that an Australian computer scientist known by the name of Craig Wright is actually the creator of Bitcoin. Numerous publications such as Wired and Gizmodo have showcased various forms of proof, but the community remained sceptical and wouldn’t buy the story at that time.

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14 Dec

Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Craig Wright, Satoshi Nakamoto Read Comments

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency that millions of people from all around the world actively use has been around since 2009. Yet, while we know so much about it, its creator is still a myth that hasn’t been busted.

There have been numerous attempts trying to identify the identity of the Bitcoin creator, however, most were unsuccessful. However, an interesting investigation is now slowly gaining the media attention.

Based on the latest reports, it seems like Satoshi Nakamoto, might actually by an Australian businessman who is based in Sydney, Craig Steven Wright, alongside with Dave Kleiman, who is an American computer forensics expert that unfortunately died back in 2013. Wired recently stated that the two men might have been involved in the creation of the cryptocurrency, and linked some evidence including a couple of interviews. Together with this, Gizmodo also received some emails, coming from a tipster hacker who stated that he managed to hack into the accounts of a few people associated with the two men.

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