13 May

NASDAQ to give blockchain technology a try in the near future

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, NASDAQ, Blockchain, Coinbase Read Comments

Since Bitcoin went mainstream, a large number of people have begun questioning whether the currency could also be used in the trading of shares in private companies on the stock market. So far, many people stayed away from the idea because of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency, but the stock exchanges operator NASDAQ OMX Group is a strong Bitcoin believer, which is currently evaluating Blockchain, in order to see if the technology behind the digital currency can actually be used for trading.

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08 Dec

How to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Your Online or Offline Business

By BitcoinExplorer Bitcoin, POS, BitPay, BitXATM, XBTerminal, CoinKite, CoinBase Read Comments

Bitcoin, as we know it has taken the world by storm and has a market cap of over $5 Billion spread over around 13 million Bitcoins. Few countries even have their own rules and regulations and countries like Russia are planning to stop the use of Bitcoins. But, they don’t realize that Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology which has the potential to facilitate amazing things which can make the world a better place to live. What’s stopping this from happening is the lack of global awareness about Bitcoin, not many people know what is Bitcoin or how to use it. The need of the hour is to help people and more importantly merchants, understand Bitcoin and help them accepting Bitcoin. This should not be done in just a handful of countries but it should be done on a larger scale, all over the world.

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