09 Feb

European Commission announces Blockchain Observatory & Forum

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, EU, European Commission Read Comments

While digital currencies seem to be losing value given the massive bear going on at this moment in time, institutions, governments and international organizations throughout the world are showcasing an increased interest towards blockchain, the underlying technology of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

With this aspect in mind, recent reports indicate that the European Commission has decided to launch their very own EU Blockchain and Observatory Forum, in order to boost blockchain-related projects within the European Union. For those who do not know, the European Commission is the executive body of the EU, in charge with legislative initiative, budget management and control over other EU institutions.

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25 Oct

MIT Issues Diplomas Using Blockchain Technology

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, MIT Read Comments

We have often talked about the huge potential of the blockchain network, and how companies and institutions throughout the world are actively researching blockchain technology. Now, it seems like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT, which has issued diplomas to over 200,000 students since its creation, has just started issuing graduate diplomas via a special, blockchain-based app.

The Blockcerts Wallet App, which is the hero of the story, uses blockchain technology in order to grant students access to easily-verifiable, tamper-proof versions of their diplomas, which can be shared with potential employers throughout the world with ease. In a recent press statement, the CEO of Learning Machine, a company involved with the creation of the Blockcerts Wallet app mentioned that: “MIT has issued official records in a format that can exist even if the institution goes away, even if we go away as a vendor (…) People can own and use their official records, which is a fundamental shift.”

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18 Oct

The Three Industries to Be Improved by Blockchain Technology

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Logistics, Health Care, Real Estate Read Comments

With time, consumer demands and expectations across all industries tend to change, therefore encouraging disruption through new technologies that could better fill the needs of both consumers and companies throughout the world.

As you may have probably heard, blockchain technology has the potential to change the future for numerous industries, with better services being provided. For those who do not know, a blockchain is more or less a continuously increasing list of records known as blocks, which are then secured and linked using cryptographic protocols. While the blockchain technology is still fairly new to the market, experts are now finally understanding the fact that its potential doesn’t only reside in the financial and banking sectors. In this article, we will outline a few important industries which could be significantly changed after the introduction of blockchain technologies.

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07 Aug

Blockchain technology could potentially fight climate change

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Environment Read Comments

The Blockchain has often been praised for the wide variety of benefits that it has, and huge potential on the market. People have discussed how it can be used to send money, pay taxes, place votes and even trade stocks, yet the number of possibilities seems infinite.

Recently, interesting discussions have been taking place on the subject of how the Blockchain would help us fight and stop climate change. It could potentially allow people from all around the world to no longer need energy companies, and work together towards meeting energy saving goals.

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01 Jul

Indian Banks Have Partnered Up With Microsoft for a Blockchain-based Platform

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Microsoft Read Comments

During the last couple of months, numerous advancements have been made in terms of blockchain technology, and this is quite understandable given its rising popularity. Not long ago, a platform known by the name of BankChain, which is basically meant to help banks implement blockchain-based solutions, has announced that they have partnered up with Microsoft.

Thanks to this partnership, the members of the BankChain consortium will now be able to use Microsoft Azure as their main cloud partner. In a recent press statement, the general manager of Microsoft’s Partner and Enterprise Group mentioned that: “The partnership with BankChain underscores our commitment to enable the digital transformation of the BFSI [banking, financial services, and insurance] sector in India. Blockchain is one of the most exciting innovations in this sector and we at Microsoft are leading this trend by offering the best-in-class Azure Blockchain offering. We look forward to working with stakeholders like Primechain to make this partnership a success.”

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29 Jun

People’s Bank of China Showcases Plans to Pursue Blockchain-based Projects

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, China, Fintech Read Comments

During the last couple of months, China has been showcasing an interesting approach towards Bitcoin and the other digital currencies available on the market, but also towards the blockchain network which is basically the system that powers everything up.

With this in mind, recent reports indicate that the People’s Bank of China, also known as the PBoC, is preparing to start up a development plan that will continue over the period of five years, meant to bring in improvements, upgrades and advancements in the country’s financial market. For long, China has been seen as one of the world’s most promising economies, given their huge market infrastructure, the billions of dollars-worth of investments being made in areas from all around the world, and their attitude towards small and big businesses. However, they’ve been fairly close-minded to the idea of digital currencies for a while now, due to the possible risks they may pose to the country’s own financial system. However, the Beijing Government will finally take the example of other countries and likely become a bit more open to digital currencies.

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01 Jun

The Blockchain Consortium R3 Manages to Raise $107 Million

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain Read Comments

The second half of 2016, along with the entire year of 2017, brought along great developments in the blockchain industry, a major increase in the value of bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, and will likely be remembered as the year when this technology started to become mainstream.

Following long years of development and research, alongside with an increase in social acceptance, blockchain-based projects are rapidly growing in popularity, and this is also showing in the increasing value of digital currencies, and other tokens of this type. According to recent reports, it seems like the Blockchain Consortium R3 has managed to raise a total of $107 million in investments, which is a new record.

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15 May

The Truth behind Blockchain Myths

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Myths Read Comments

The last couple of days have managed to bring about large changes to blockchain-based digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, as both have managed to once again break their all-time high. More exactly, Bitcoin has managed to surpass the $1,600 mark thus reaching a new all-time high, whereas Ether, the crypto-fuel behind Ethereum has increased with 25%, thus reaching $100.

With these aspects in mind, now is about time that we go ahead and help debunk a few myths associated with the blockchain network, so readers can get a better understanding of what the blockchain can, and cannot do, regardless of how it’s being used.

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11 Apr

The Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin Regulation

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain, Regulations Read Comments

​During the last couple of months, the popularity of both bitcoin and its underlying system, the blockchain, has grown considerably. With bitcoin prices rising above $1,100, and numerous financial institutions and companies showcasing their interest in blockchain technology, we’re without a doubt, about to experience a financial revolution.

However, regardless of whether you view bitcoin as the key to a free, but also utopian-type of economy, and blockchain technology as the key to achieving trust in the digital era, and online security, both systems are not outside the reach of government regulators throughout the world. Because of this aspect, it is always important to keep a close eye on the opinions of regulators.

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22 Mar

How The Blockchain Network Can Ensure Banking Security

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain, Banks Read Comments

During the last couple of months, banks and financial institutions have continuously showed their interest in bitcoin, for various purposes, such as digitally signing contracts, helping with monetary transfers and more.

Perhaps one of today’s biggest monetary challenges is the presence of hackers. While they cannot crash the entire world economy by ‘deleting’ money, they can cause a great deal of damage to banks and financial institutions by changing what computers think is real and true. This represents the main reason why banks are seeking a system that would guarantee the authenticity of data, by thoroughly analysing it, and keeping records on a ledger. Blockchain technology, which is quickly picking pace, can do exactly this.

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