23 Aug

Bitfinex Recovers Trading Volume And Becomes One Of The Top Exchanges

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin. Bitfinex Read Comments

In a recent article, we discussed about the Bitfinex hack, its implications on the digital currency, and the possible future of the exchange, as it’ll implement better security measures.

Surprisingly, just one week after losing more than $60 million bitcoin in a hacking attack, Bitfinex has managed to once again become one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, judging by the current US dollar volume being traded.

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18 Aug

Bitcoin Exchange Operators to Employ Better Security Measures after the Bitfinex Hack

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Hack Read Comments

If you've been following recent bitcoin news, then chances are that you are aware of the Bitfinex hack, where more than $60 million worth of bitcoin were stolen.

Regardless of whether these coins are recovered or not, the digital currency has taken a massive plunge, falling over $100 in value. Not only this, but it has also shined some light on the weak security that many bitcoin exchanges from around the world employ. Its negative effects include the possibility of weakening the trust that investors have in the cryptocurrency.

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