30 Oct

What’s the Deal with Bitcoin Gold?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, BTG, BCC, BTC GPU Read Comments

Since its birth, the bitcoin ecosystem has seen numerous debates on the right protocol changes required to continue its success. A couple of months ago, we were all witness to one of the first hard forks, which created an entirely separate digital currency known as Bitcoin Cash (BCC), following a new protocol.

This has happened yet again, as on October 25th 2017, Bitcoin Gold seceded from the bitcoin blockchain, into a new digital currency. The main difference about it is its new proof-of-work algorithm.

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08 Aug

Understanding the Bitcoin network fork: BTC and BCC

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Fork, Segwit, BTC, BCC, Bitcoin Cash Read Comments

We have often covered the controversies surrounding block size debate, a possible fork on the bitcoin network, and the inability of miners to reach clear consensus in the past. On August 1st, due to the fact that consensus was not reached throughout the network, a hard fork took place, thus separating the bitcoin network as we know it, into two separate versions: Bitcoin Cash and BTC.

To put things better into perspective, until the 1st of August this year, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash were the same, operating on the very same network as well. The event broke these two digital currencies into 2 separate ledgers, and due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are represented by their own ledger, users woke up to having double the amount: once in BTC and once in BCC.

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27 Jul

BTCC CEO states that digital asset regulation is needed to keep the market safe

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, BTCC Read Comments

Since Bitcoin became mainstream on the market, there have been numerous talks regarding whether it would be wise for governments to implement a set of regulation, meant to protect both the public, but also companies from abuse, and possible market manipulation.

While the market is divided into two sides, with one side believing that regulation will spell the end of the bitcoin haven, whereas the other thinks that some form of regulation is wise, this is indeed a sensible topic.

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20 Feb

BTCC Suspends Withdrawals Until the 15th of March

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, BTCC, China Read Comments

During the last couple of months, the attitude of Chinese authorities towards Bitcoin and Bitcoin Exchanges has become quite offensive, considering the numerous threats made towards exchanges that do not fully comply with the regulations put in place by the Chinese Government.

Recent reports indicate that a couple of major Chinese bitcoin exchanges, including BTCC, will now stop both bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals for a month. This particular suspension will likely last until the 15th of March, as BTCC and other exchanges try their best to comply with the new set of regulations put into place by the Chinese authorities, as a direct crackdown towards exchanges.

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14 Jun

Bitcoin Passes The $700 Mark And Shocks The Community

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Volatility, China, EU, BTCC Read Comments

Surprising news from the realm of Bitcoin, as the world-loved digital currency has just managed to reach its highest level in more than two years.

If you’re not yet aware, the cryptocurrency has managed to break the $700 barrier, and is valued at $709 at the time of writing. This is bitcoin’s highest value since February 2014, thus showcasing its true potential as more and more people decide to switch to it. In fact, during the last month alone, the value of bitcoin has increased by over 51%.

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26 Apr

$2.8 Million Recently Invested in Two Asian Bitcoin Projects

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Coinsecure, Bitmain, BitKan, BTCChina, China, India Read Comments

During the last couple of days, two massive investments took place on the bitcoin market, thus once again proving the fact that the cryptocurrency has the potential of facilitating huge fintech projects.

To put things better into perspective, the bitcoin trading platform known by the name of Coinsecure has managed to raise over $1.2 million from the help of a group of undisclosed angel investors from India.

According to the company, the funds will be used to help expand the company’s reach in both the domestic and international markets, while also strengthening the engineering and marketing teams, increasing the number of banking partners and developing an app that will be launched by the end of this month. Together with this, the funds will also be used to introduce a couple of more Ethereum and Blockchain innovations that will help shape the market.

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25 Jan

Russia bans bitcoin exchange and becomes more hostile towards the currency

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Russia, Ban, BTC-e, BitStamp, BitRuble Read Comments

The Bitcoin status in Russia has been unclear ever since bitcoin came out and started gaining in popularity. According to recent reports, it seems like Russia went ahead and blocked one of the largest bitcoin exchanges: BTC-e.

If you’re not yet aware, trading platform BitStamp decided to voluntarily ban Russian IPs, in order to avoid legislative issues with the country, which is getting considerably more hostile towards bitcoin and other digital currencies. In fact, these developments represent the first effects of a couple of bills, meant to criminalize cryptocurrencies, and other money substitutes on the Russian financial market.

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02 Dec

Russian Government threatens Bitcoin ban throughout the country

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Russia, ESET, Read Comments

So far, Russia is one of the most anti-bitcoin countries, considering the fact that they have extensive legislation in place, meant to discourage the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Recent reports indicate that the Russian government is now threatening to ban bitcoin, considering the fact that a total of 6.9% of Russians are using the digital currency. The numbers come from a recent survey, carried out by a Slovakian Internet security company, known by the name of ESET.

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22 Aug

1,000 ATMs to be installed in Greece by the end of 2015

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Greece, ATM, BTCGreece, Cubits Read Comments

Chances are that you may already be aware of the fact that Greece has been hit hard by the economic crisis, with tons of money being needed in order to put the country back on its feet. However, this economic disaster did not only affect the government and businesses, but also the people, who were stopped from withdrawing more than a certain sum on a daily basis, which is certainly not a very democratic move made by the country’s banks.

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