31 Aug

Microsoft Launches Coco, a Secure Ethereum Protocol

By Daniel Zo Microsoft, COCO, Ethereum, Azure Read Comments

While Ethereum hasn’t been around for long, it is definitely attracting the attention of hundreds upon hundreds of technology companies, including Microsoft, currently worth around $561 billion.

With this aspect in mind, not long ago, Microsoft has announced and released the Coco framework, which stands for Confidential Consortium. To put things better into perspective, Coco is actually an Ethereum-based project which will allow both large-scale organizations alongside with commercial companies to process information via the Ethereum blockchain, while getting access to much better privacy and data protection.

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24 Sep

Microsoft Announces Bletchley Blockchain Service Updates, Asks For The Interest Of The Ethereum Community

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Microsoft, Ethereum, Azure Read Comments

Contrary to popular belief, banks and governments aren’t the only institutions interested in understanding more about blockchain technology, and potentially implementing it. In fact, Microsoft has recently unveiled the newest version of their consortium blockchain software product, at the Annual Ethereum Developer Conference over in Shanghai.

For those that do not know, back in June, Microsoft announced a project meant to allow businesses from all around the world to freely build consortiums and take better advantage of the currently available blockchain technology. Known by the name of Project Bletchley, it represents an open and modular blockchain fabric, which allows users to freely construct and scale member-only, permissioned blockchain consortiums. Microsoft believes that since the blockchain network is basically a distributed ledger technology, this allows its power to be directly proportional to the number of companies and individuals using it to build new networks.

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