How Bitcoin is different from cashless services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Blockchain Read Comments

As time passes, we seem to be getting closer to the hypothesis of a society without physical money. How is this so? Well, leaving aside the appearance of innovative platforms which will likely make cash obsolete in the near future, research has also shown that there is only a total of 8% of physical cash represented in our world, which means that the trillions of dollars that people from all around the world use are rather digital number, or simply digits, as we like to call them.

While you can most probably pay for almost everything with the help of cash at this moment in time, you can also go days at a time, without using it, thus showing how the system is slowly changing. As cashless transactions are growing, banks and other financial institutions wish to encourage this trend, as it’ll allow them to save money, while also giving people a more efficient way of making transactions. To help make the principle of a cashless world a reality, there are services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and more, which are gradually popping up on websites all around the world.

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