07 Oct

United Nations Food Programme Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain and Identity Management Purposes

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, WFP, Africa, UN, Read Comments

The potential of blockchain technology for supply chain purposes has often been praised by experts throughout the world. Now, recent reports indicate that the United Nations World Food Programme, commonly known as the WFP, will begin blockchain-based supply chain management testing in Africa.

With this in mind, the WFP has tested out a similar system for refugee aid purposes in the Middle East. With the project’s newest implementation, blockchain technology will be used to track food delivery in the east African region. More exactly, the blockchain network will track food shipments arriving in Djibouti, on their way to Ethiopia, where the UN’s main food operation camp is located.

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27 Sep

Second-Biggest Supermarket Chain in South Africa to Allow Bitcoin Payments

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, South Africa, Pick n Pay Read Comments

At this moment in time, the growing popularity of bitcoin has encouraged over 100,000 merchants from all around the world to take bitcoin and other digital currencies as a form of payment for both products and services.

Recent reports now indicate that South Africa’s second biggest supermarket chain store, known by the name of Pick n Pay, has started accepting bitcoin in one of its stores, as reported by Electrum, a payment software development firm. The goal of this move is to test how the Pick n Pay customers react to the introduction of bitcoin-based payments, and see whether this represents a viable solution for all of their stores in South Africa.

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