08 Dec

UK Treasury to Oversee Digital Currency Trading Activities

By Daniel Zo ATM, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, UK, UK Treasury Read Comments

According to recent reports, the UK Government alongside with the governments of a few European Union countries are planning to further regulate digital currencies, in order to make sure that they’re not being used for illegal purposes, such as money laundering or illegal/terrorism financing.

The statement was first made by a spokesperson from the UK Treasury, who mentioned that bitcoin and other digital currencies should be regulated, and brought in line with the country’s current legislation on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing policies. According to the spokesperson, ‘We have clear tax rules for people who use cryptocurrencies, and like all tax rules, these are kept under review. We also intend to update regulation to bring virtual currency exchange platforms into anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulation.’

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22 Aug

1,000 ATMs to be installed in Greece by the end of 2015

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Greece, ATM, BTCGreece, Cubits Read Comments

Chances are that you may already be aware of the fact that Greece has been hit hard by the economic crisis, with tons of money being needed in order to put the country back on its feet. However, this economic disaster did not only affect the government and businesses, but also the people, who were stopped from withdrawing more than a certain sum on a daily basis, which is certainly not a very democratic move made by the country’s banks.

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14 Jul

Is the Bitcoin value increase linked to the Greek financial crisis?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Greece, ATM, Euro Read Comments

If you haven’t been living in a cave, then chances are that you have heard about the Greek crisis, and what this means for the euro if Greece will leave the Eurozone. In light of the recent negotiations that have been going on between the country and the EU representatives, conflicts have begun sprouting throughout Greece, as people have been forbidden to withdraw more than 40 euros from ATMs on a daily basis.

In turn, this has managed to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency, as more and more Greeks have begun investing their money into Bitcoin, as a way to make sure that they still keep their money even if the euro falls. A similar technique may have been adopted by people from other Eurozone countries, as a fall of the euro is now very likely in case a good decision for all sides is finally reached, and Greece is pulled out of the crisis.

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27 Jun

Bitcoin ATMs: an emerging business and how to join it

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, ATM Read Comments

Chances are that you have already heard about the emerging Bitcoin ATM business, and the high potential that it has to bring Bitcoin to the masses. In case you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to become a Bitcoin ATM operator, then you should know that ATM Marketplace, which represents an ATM industry resource, has just released a 40-page guide, outlining the challenges, risks and benefits of owning a Bitcoin ATM, alongside with what needs to be done in order to establish such a business.

The guide, which is also the first one to explore this emerging marketplace states that these ATMs represent a secure and efficient way for people to buy and sell Bitcoins, considerably safer than the transactions that can be carried out over the Internet. However, time will only tell if this is true or not, as many Bitcoin exchanges have stated that ATMs are somewhat more susceptible to fraud and hacking. With this in mind, Bitcoin ATMs owners should be aware of all the risks associated with this business, but also keep in mind the legal perspective related to these devices.

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08 Dec

How to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Your Online or Offline Business

By BitcoinExplorer Bitcoin, POS, BitPay, BitXATM, XBTerminal, CoinKite, CoinBase Read Comments

Bitcoin, as we know it has taken the world by storm and has a market cap of over $5 Billion spread over around 13 million Bitcoins. Few countries even have their own rules and regulations and countries like Russia are planning to stop the use of Bitcoins. But, they don’t realize that Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology which has the potential to facilitate amazing things which can make the world a better place to live. What’s stopping this from happening is the lack of global awareness about Bitcoin, not many people know what is Bitcoin or how to use it. The need of the hour is to help people and more importantly merchants, understand Bitcoin and help them accepting Bitcoin. This should not be done in just a handful of countries but it should be done on a larger scale, all over the world.

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