14 Apr

What it’s like inside an industrial-level Bitcoin mine

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Mining, China, ASIC Read Comments

Bitcoin mining is likely something that just about all of those involved with bitcoin have thought about doing, tried out or are doing at this exact moment. However, mining bitcoin at home can be quite a difficult experience considering the fact that doing it right doesn’t only require a massive electrical energy usage, but also the right hardware, thus making the process quite expensive.

However, there are a couple of firms in different areas from all around the world which have been mining bitcoin ever since it became popular. These actual mines are both very expensive to maintain, but are also kept hidden from the public eye, due to the large amount of bitcoin which is being mined.

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11 Dec

A Rare Occurrence of Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Decrease

By BitcoinExplorer Bitcoin, Mining difficulty, Mining, ASIC Read Comments

Do you know what Bitcoin mining is? If not, here’s the deal – It is the way that Bitcoin transactions are verified and new coins are produced. Nowadays, this verification is done through miners, also known as ASIC’s (application specific integrated circuits). Miners are dedicated hardware which verify whatever transactions are going on, and the miners are then rewarded with Bitcoin or whatever crypto currency they are mining. When Bitcoin first started, the difficulty was very low, but as Bitcoin gained momentum and more and more people started embracing it, the difficulty kept increasing.
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