07 Jan

The Evolution of Bitcoin in 2016 and its Birth as an Asset

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, 2016 Read Comments

During the last couple of months, the popularity of bitcoin has varied. In fact, most people outside who have not yet joined the market only hear about the digital currency when it changes value. With this in mind, bitcoin is currently undergoing a very exciting change.

To put things better into perspective, during the last 25 days, the price of the digital currency has grown by over 25%, and is now approaching the $1,000 mark, thus being extremely close to reaching its highest value in the last three years. This is quite exciting considering the fact that at the beginning of 2016, the bitcoin price was a bit under the value of $450, so it has almost doubled in value during this year.

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25 Dec

What to expect from Bitcoin in 2016

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, 2016, Satoshi Nakamoto, Mt. Gox Read Comments

The year of 2015 has been representative for Bitcoin, due to the fact that the currency’s price more than doubled, and is bound to surge even higher in 2016.

Perhaps the main reason behind this is the fact that investors and simple bitcoin users have managed to regain confidence in the system, following the collapse of the Mt. Gox exchange back in 2014. At this moment in time, bitcoin is trading at the sum of $447, which is over $200 when compared to the beginning of the last year.

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