Recent Investments in Infrastructure and Lowered Server Prices

By Marcus Infrastructure, Dedicated server, VPS, Cloud hosting, Interxion, Data center

A number of important events were held by CoinsHost in January. The most important one is an agreement with a Interxion data center in Zurich, Switzerland, where we've moved most of company's equipment and hardware.

Interxion is a top-tier data center that features industry standard power, network and security options:

• reserved 2N UPS;
• backup generators providing for 120 hours of operation at full power;
• modern air conditioning and climate control;
• reliable fire protection and fireproof walls;
• automatic gaseous fire suppression system;
• the data center building has 5 stages of physical security.

CoinsHost has also purchased new networking equipment by Juniper, extra colocation space for our valued customers and renewed most HDD's and SSD's that we use to host Cloud and VPS machines. The last but not the least news of the January - dedicated server prices have been lowered by 20%!

Thank you for putting your trust in our company and please stay tuned for more news!