Apple Pay overcharges users, whereas Bitcoin would offer a strong alternative for London Underground

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Appple Pay, London, Underground

Since it has been announced, Apple Pay has been considered a huge competitor to Bitcoin, mostly because of the fact that it promised to make paying for all kind of goods and services much easier, thus eliminating the need to carry cash with you at all times.

However, as it is being introduced in more and more areas from around the world, it appears as the system is not ready yet, as it has been encountering quite a lot of problems. With this in mind, since Apple Pay has launched in the United Kingdom, many people have been reporting overcharging. This issue has been reported a lot when using Apple Pay to purchase subway tickets at London Underground. Based on this, using Apple Pay puts users at risk for actually being overcharged for their journey, which is definitely not a pleasant aspect of using the app.

Instead of being charged the fare written on the confirmation screen, users are reportedly being charged the full rate regardless of where they are heading. This is not only unpleasant financially, but it also shows that there are still certain bugs within the app, which do not allow it to charge users the right amount. These bugs also made many consider security flaws, which are more likely to happen when using Apple Pay, instead of an alternative currency such as bitcoin.

In light of these events, a larger number of people have started proposing the bitcoin to pay for the subway fare, as the currency is secure from all the points of view, and the system that backs it up is also stable and hardly encounters any issues whatsoever. As you may already know, Bitcoin transactions can be completed either by scanning a QR code, typing in an address, or using NFC or Bluetooth FE functionalities. With this in mind, not only will the adoption of Bitcoin in London Underground reduce the headaches of being charged extra, but it’ll also allow customers to choose from multiple payment options.

While making Bitcoin available as a payment method for the London Underground system is just a concept at this moment in time, many don’t think that officials will have a problem with this. After all, the method will only improve the system, while also eliminating the problems that Apple Pay is currently creating.

This issue once again proves that even well-established companies such as Apple and their services can still have issues, whereas Bitcoin and the Blockchain system has been proven to work well under most circumstances, thus making it a great alternative for public transport, but also for other services.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, would you consider using Bitcoin to pay for public transport? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.