18 Jan

Would a Complete Bitcoin Ban in China Break the Digital Currency?

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Ban, China Read Comments

During the last couple of months, members of the bitcoin community have been direct witnesses to the evolution of the bitcoin price, based on financial events going on in China. In fact, the digital currency and China’s economy have been linked numerous times in the past, but recent reports indicate that this link can influence price, but it cannot make or break Bitcoin.

The recent price behaviour of the digital currency has sparked numerous question, regarding whether bitcoin has the potential of surviving in case it loses its support from China, which makes up a high percentage of bitcoin traders and mining at this moment in time. These questions have arrived especially after numerous reports stating that the Chinese government is tinkering with the idea of adopting a strict regulatory framework for the digital currency.

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15 Jan

China May Soon Start Regulating Digital Currencies

By Daniel Zo China, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Read Comments

Members of the digital currency community are well-aware of the Chinese influence on Bitcoin and other altcoins, and this is quite understandable, considering the fact that a large percentage of all trading is being carried out in the Asian country.

During the last couple of months, Bitcoin has seen a massive growth in value, rising from around $600, up to $1,180, thus reaching its record-high in a total of 3 years. Economic analysts believe that the rise in value is mostly due to the strict capital controls in China, which have encouraged investors to see bitcoin as a way of getting past the controls, for further investing into ‘foreign’ capital. This has drawn quite a lot of attention to the digital currency in the eyes of regulators, which is why it is now believed that China will soon implement regulation, meant to limit, or better control the use of digital currencies in the country.

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11 Jan

Blockchain-Based Stock Trading has been approved by Regulators in Japan

By Daniel Zo Blockchain, Stock, Japan, Fintech Read Comments

The year of 2016 brought along major developments on the blockchain market, with numerous banks and financial institutions considering to make the move, and switch their systems to a blockchain-based one. This is completely understandable, given the benefits of the blockchain network over the traditional system.

For those who do not know, using blockchain for trading can lead to lower costs, faster transactions and more efficient processes. According to recent reports, it seems like the Japanese Financial Services Agency has just allowed the operator of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Japan Exchange Group, to go ahead and use the blockchain network for its core trading infrastructure.

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10 Jan

Colombia moves to ban Bitcoin to help stop Ponzi Schemes

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Colombia, Ponzi, Scam, Ban Read Comments

While Bitcoin has seen a massive growth in popularity in areas from all around the world, it seems like some Governments are still strongly against mass adoption and use of the digital currency. One such example is Columbia, which, according to recent reports, has just declared Bitcoin illegal, thus joining another handful of nations that have taken the same step.

The announcement was made at the beginning of 2017, by the main regulatory agency operating in Columbia, known by the name of Superintendency of Corporations. It seems like the action may have been taken to stop the growth of Ponzi-based investment clubs that operate via digital currencies. In fact, the operators of these investment clubs encourage people throughout the country to invest in bitcoin, and promise huge returns, yet this is not always the case, especially when investing in a Ponzi scheme- in fact, some of these schemes have gotten to the point of being hilarious, considering the fact that some promise a 100% return on the initial investment.

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09 Jan

Bitcoin Breaks $1000 Price Point and Enters Bullish into 2017

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, 2017 Read Comments

During the last couple of years, Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs, yet, it has never managed to overcome the collapse it faced after the Mt. Gox accident, when millions of dollars-worth of Bitcoin were stolen from one of the world’s most popular Bitcoin Exchanges at the time- until now.

The year of 2017 is starting out big in the world of Bitcoin, considering the fact that the digital currency has just managed to break $1,000, a figure that was last achieved at the beginning of January 2014, thus showcasing the fact that Bitcoin is now back on its feet, and stronger than ever. Not only this, but Bitcoin is also significantly stronger when compared to 2013/14, due to the fact that the overall market capitalization of the entire bitcoin Blockchain has surpassed the value of $16 billion, a figure never seen before on the market. Indeed, this is still considerably smaller when compared to the market cap of PayPal, which is situated at $47 billion, yet it proves that there is still enough place for growth, and that bitcoin will likely surpass that too, in the near future.

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07 Jan

The Evolution of Bitcoin in 2016 and its Birth as an Asset

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, 2016 Read Comments

During the last couple of months, the popularity of bitcoin has varied. In fact, most people outside who have not yet joined the market only hear about the digital currency when it changes value. With this in mind, bitcoin is currently undergoing a very exciting change.

To put things better into perspective, during the last 25 days, the price of the digital currency has grown by over 25%, and is now approaching the $1,000 mark, thus being extremely close to reaching its highest value in the last three years. This is quite exciting considering the fact that at the beginning of 2016, the bitcoin price was a bit under the value of $450, so it has almost doubled in value during this year.

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06 Jan

The Current Role and Future of Alternative Digital Currencies

By Daniel Zo Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, 2017 Read Comments

With the constant growth in popularity and value of Bitcoin, it is no surprise that a big part of the digital currency community has forgotten about alternative currencies, also known as altcoins, and their role in the fintech ecosystem. During the last year, only two-three alternative currencies have made their way to the spotlight, or have seen any form of growth, whereas the others simply waited for something to happen.

However, there is an abundance of reasons explaining why members of the digital currency community should pay more attention to the evolution, or better said, lack of evolution of altcoins, and perhaps attempt to do something about it. It is worth keeping in mind that like any tool, in the world of cryptocurrencies, one size cannot fit all, which means that digital currencies vary in use based on the scenarios that they are tested in.

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30 Dec

The Top Bitcoin Predictions for 2017

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, 2017 Read Comments

A couple of days ago, bitcoin has managed to reach its highest value in 2016, and surpass the $800 mark that it had been trying to break for the last couple of weeks. As we’re approaching the end of the year, we can’t help but wonder what 2017 will bring to the world of digital currencies, blockchain networks, and to Bitcoin itself.

In this article, we will attempt to cover some of the main predictions for bitcoin in 2017.

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26 Dec

How Bitcoin Will Attempt to Change Cultural Norms in India

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, India Read Comments

During the last couple of months, there have been numerous talks on the economic situation over in India, and how Bitcoin could prosper in the region, given the high percentage of citizens who are unbanked.

Events happening in the country may quicken this mass adoption of the digital currency in India, as it is becoming considerably harder for people to rely on cash for their daily transactions. Not long ago, the government if India decided to demonetize the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, which were worth $7 and $14 in value, and represented roughly 86% of all the cash found in circulation within the country’s borders. The situation is in fact quite bad, as with a population of over 1 billion people, there are only 200,000 ATMs in the country, and 87% of all financial transactions being carried out are made via cash.

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21 Dec

Overstock Begins Issuing Shares Via The Bitcoin Blockchain

By Daniel Zo Bitcoin, Blockchain, Overstock Read Comments

Overstock represents one of the world’s biggest supporters of Bitcoin, considering the fact that they started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment long before many other popular companies. Well, recent reports indicate that the company has just become the first publicly-traded firm to issue stock, directly via the Internet, thus being ready to distribute 126,000 company shares, using the bitcoin blockchain.

With the help of a subsidiary, Overstock has spent the last two years trying to build a blockchain-based technology that would later be used to facilitate the trading of various financial securities of the firm. Back in October, the firm announced that they will allow stakeholders to purchase whatever number of shares they wish, from their preferred stocks.

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